What our parents are saying about Bright Beginnings Preschool!!

“Bright Beginnings is a nice facility with loving teachers that help children get their feet wet in the world of school and social settings.”

“Very impressed with the themes and their implementation throughout every part of the day!”

“We love our bright beginnings family!”

“I am very happy with this program and have recommended it to others. Great Job!!!”

“The learning and social environment provided to the children was just what we were hoping for in a preschool”

“We love the field trips!”

“We really enjoy the opportunities in the co-op structure and look forward to being members next year.”

What Bowling Green Kindergarten Teachers say about us:

“I would say that on average they (Bright Beginnings students) were high-average to high performing students who seemed more than adequately prepared for kindergarten! With the new higher standards, it will continue to be very helpful for students to have high quality preschool before attending kindergarten.”

“In recent years, preschool children have been coming more prepared for kindergarten knowing the basic concepts of colors and shapes. Social/emotional growth has been terrific as cooperation among students has been something I haven’t had to work on so much at the beginning of school.”

What do you like best about Bright Beginnings?

“Parent involvement”
“Being able to have a say in my child’s education”
“That it’s a Co-op”
“Warm environment”
“Small class size”
“The quality education”
“Great, caring, knowledgeable teachers”
“The facility”
“Christian based”
“Families are super friendly”
“Structure of the day”
“Library lady”
“Field trips”
“The curriculum”