One important responsibility we require of our co-op parents is that each family serve on a committee. The committees are vital in the function of the preschool throughout the year. Please read over the descriptions and list your first, second, and third preferences in the appropriate section of the Preference Form. Also indicate if you are willing to be the chairperson for a committee. Please note that some of the committees are quite small, so it may not be possible to accommodate your first or second committee preference.

Publicity/Open House-3 families

Responsible for publicizing the school throughout the year, getting articles and pictures of school activities into the local newspaper, publicizing and helping to organize the Open House; responsible for organizing class t-shirts for the school year.   Responsible for assisting the president/co-presidents in updating, preparing, distributing, and collecting the parent handbook.

Fundraising/Donations-3 families

Assists the Fund-raising Coordinator with the fund-raising activities including contacting alumni about fund-raising events.  Responsible for soliciting donations from community businesses.  Responsible for ordering and distributing book club orders.

Social Committee-3 families

Responsible for organizing gatherings outside of the classroom helping to support relationships between Bright Beginnings families. Responsible for helping the teacher(s) with the planning of classroom parties.

Curriculum/Playhouse-6 families

Responsible for helping teacher(s) brainstorm ideas for classroom activities.  Work with the teacher(s) each month to plan and produce games and educational materials to enhance the classroom.  Responsible for changing the playhouse to coincide with the theme of each month. Responsible for maintaining/cataloging the school library.

Website -1 family

Assists the administrator and vice president with keeping the website up to date and all monthly calendars updated and on-line.