The Children Benefit

The close working relationship between the teacher and the parents at Bright Beginnings creates an enriching program that recognizes and meets the needs of the child. A child needs to feel good about himself and his activities, and needs to experience many “successes” as reinforcement of his self-worth. At Bright Beginnings, he is encouraged to further develop physical skills and gain greater control of his environment. He experiences emotional satisfactions by developing more self-discipline and good habits. A child needs to know and trust the limits in order to feel secure. By observation and experience he soon learns what actions and behavior are acceptable at school, even if they differ form those at home.

Our goal at Bright Beginnings is to supply the tools for investigation to support cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. Through play and exploration such things as science, art, math, literature, colors, and dramatic play are all introduced. We promote respect, good manners, and problem solving skills. We also have the added benefit of a close church relationship and encourage our children to benefit from a Christian-based non-denominational education.


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